Four Reasons To Hire A Car Service For Business Travel

Posted on: 6 December 2016

Traveling for business often means long hours and rushed schedules, so the last thing you want is to wait around for transportation. There are options that will help you make better use of the time you have available as well as working with your schedule. A town car rental or airport limo service could be perfect for your business trip and can even help you optimize your time during travel.

Your Time Is Precious

When you are traveling for business, getting from the airport to your hotel or traveling between meetings can eat into your time. Renting a car to travel around might seem like the way to go but considering a car service or airport limo to get you to the hotel and around the area offers you the option of working while someone else drives. If you are using a limousine, you may even want to conduct one on one meetings on the go.

Point A to Point B

When you arrive in a new city, you may not have any idea where things are. Having a driver that knows the area and can get your to places quickly saves time and lessens your stress. A professional driver will know the best routes to take, where the traffic backups are, and may even be able to recommend places like restaurants, and other amenities around the area.

Ready When You Are

Waiting for a cab is never fun and if you are traveling into a city that is typically very busy during business hours, you may find that cabs are hard to get. Hiring an airport limo service or town car service offers you the advantage of working on your timetable. If you are arriving at 8:00pm in the evening, have a car waiting to take you to the hotel is far better than having to try and get a cab that may be there right away or in an hour. Why wait around when you can be met at the gate and get where you need to be more efficiently?

Flat Rates Versus Per Mile Rates

When you get into a cab in any city, the first thing they do is charge you a starting fee. After that, the miles and the time you are in the car start to add up. If you stop and ask the cab to wait, you still pay them. In the end, the cost of a cab can be very high but hiring a car service can reduce that cost if you negotiate a flat fee for the time you need the service. Most airport taxi services will charge a flat rate from the airport to the hotels in the area but a town car service may give you a daily or even weekly rate if you will be using them for your whole trip. Ask before you arrive in the city about availability for your time frame and about inclusive pricing.


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