• Preparing To Ship Your RV

    There can be many reasons why a person may need to ship their RV over a long distance. If you are facing a situation in which you need to do this, there are some practices that can help to keep your RV transport experience as simple and safe as possible. Secure The Interior Of The RV Prior to having the RV collected to be shipped, you should spend some time thoroughly securing the interior.
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  • Benefits Of Renting A Wheelchair Accessible Van

    If you're using a wheelchair due to injury, disability, or an existing condition, moving from one place to another may be challenging. You may have a regular car, but you may need assistance to board and exit the vehicle. Therefore, getting a wheelchair-accessible rental van may be a good idea. Here are the pros of renting a wheelchair-accessible van. Saves Money Purchasing a wheelchair-accessible van can be costly since the van contains unique features, including ramps for easy access of the van.
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