Benefits Of Renting A Wheelchair Accessible Van

Posted on: 22 February 2022

If you're using a wheelchair due to injury, disability, or an existing condition, moving from one place to another may be challenging. You may have a regular car, but you may need assistance to board and exit the vehicle. Therefore, getting a wheelchair-accessible rental van may be a good idea. Here are the pros of renting a wheelchair-accessible van.

Saves Money

Purchasing a wheelchair-accessible van can be costly since the van contains unique features, including ramps for easy access of the van. Additionally, such vans are spacious and accommodate your wheelchair without making it look crowded. Therefore, a wheelchair-accessible van may be more expensive than a regular car, and raising enough cash for a purchase may be challenging. In this regard, consider a wheelchair-accessible rental van as you only pay for the time you use the van. This is more economical, especially if you don't spend much time on the road. Hence, you get to save on car purchase expenses.

Provides Rent-to-Own Options

Renting a wheelchair-accessible van can help you own the van over time. That's because some rental companies provide rent-to-own plans. Such plans are long-term and entail directing the money for the rental van to an ownership plan. Therefore, the longer you rent the van, the faster you'll own the van. However, such ownership plans usually cost a little more than one-off purchases as the rental company must profit. But, these costs are worthwhile as you become a proud owner of a wheelchair-accessible van and can use it whenever you like.

Offers Convenience and Independence

When using a regular car and you're in a wheelchair, you may depend on other people to help you enter and exit your vehicle. You may also need a driver to take you to your destination. Additionally, you may need someone to help you place the wheelchair in and out of the car. Note that wheelchairs can be heavy, and heavy lifting may cause back injuries. Besides, this process may be time-wasting. Moreover, your regular vehicle may be small, forcing you to squeeze your wheelchair inside the car, which can be uncomfortable. Thus, a wheelchair-accessible rental van can offer you comfort and convenience and help you save time.

When you rent a wheelchair-accessible van, you get to save money, experience convenience and independence, and can explore rent-to-own deals. Consider getting a wheelchair-accessible rental van to enjoy these benefits.

For more information on a wheelchair-accessible rental van, contact a company near you. 


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