The Perks Of Using A Cargo Van Load Board As A Driver Or Shipper

Posted on: 14 April 2023

Cargo van load boards are a valuable tool for people who regularly own and operate cargo vans, but they also come in handy for those who need to have various items shipped to different places. Whether you're shipping a heavy load to a particular destination or plan to be the carrier, using these boards can work in your favor.

Find Assorted Loads and Choose Between Different Options Based on What You Prefer

Whether you're a full-time carrier or simply looking to add a side hustle to your workload, using a cargo van load board is an excellent idea. With your cargo or sprinter van, you can begin working for others as an independent contractor, hauling their goods to the requested destination. With access to the load board, you will be able to see various available loads and choose which one you would like to take by comparing the details, such as:

  • Miles - If the distance isn't an issue, you may not mind traveling further with the cargo, especially if the load pays more. However, you can take shorter loads with fewer miles to avoid long drives.
  • Supplier - You may become more familiar with different suppliers once you use the load board. If you prefer to work with specific individuals because you've had good experiences with them, you may want to select a load with someone you've already transported cargo for in the past.
  • Pickup and Drop-Off Location - You can choose the ideal load based on the pickup and drop-off location. Some carriers prefer to grab loads within a few miles of their location, which means less travel to get the items they will end up loading on their vans and transporting.

Get Your Items Picked Up and Transported Within a Reasonable Period

Although the cargo van load board is ideal for carriers who plan to pick up loads and get paid for them, those who need items transported can also benefit from the board. It's as simple as posting their loads and waiting for a carrier to take it, which usually won't take long. If you plan to use the board to connect with cargo van drivers, you can upload the trip details to the board and have someone pick your items up at the ideal time.

A cargo van load board keeps drivers connected with individuals and companies that need to transport different loads, some of which are larger than others. Whether you want to make some extra cash as a driver or need help shipping goods, you can use these boards to your benefit. For more information on a cargo van load board, contact a professional near you.


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