Looking For Truck Driving Jobs? How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired

Posted on: 12 January 2023

If you love being out on the open road and dread the thought of having to spend the majority of your work hours in front of a computer screen, entering the truck driving industry could seem like the job of your dreams. Truck drivers enjoy a lot of freedom, and if they choose the right company, they'll relish the kind of independence that many people will never attain while on the clock. Maybe you're tired of your current position and are ready to try something new or you've just become aware of the importance of truck driving and crave the consistent finances it offers. Whichever group sounds closest to your situation, here are a few tips to help up the ante so you can hopefully land a trucking job as soon as possible.  

Get Your Commercial Driver's License

One of the main requirements you'll need to obtain before you can become a truck driver is a commercial driver's license (CDL.) Holding a CDL allows you to operate vessels of a certain size that surpass the dimensions and weight of your average passenger vehicle or pickup truck. Although the rules vary by state, you will generally need to pass both written and driving tests before you will be granted the license. Getting your license before you apply could make you stand out and get the call back before you know it.

There are trucking companies out there that will actually pay students to undergo the CDL process. This may sound tempting on the surface but some trucking businesses may be a bit leery about helping students get their CDL. It's unlikely that every investment will turn out to be fruitful, and when a person doesn't pass the test, it could be seen as a waste by the company.

Walking into the situation with your CDL shows you are serious and ready to begin immediately. This instills immediate confidence in the employer and could push you forward very quickly.

Know What Kind Of Job You Want

Although there are subcategories in each genre, the trucking job industry is basically broken down into two groups: Over-the-road (OTR) or local. OTR drivers travel long distances so they usually aren't home every evening. Conversely, local drivers remain in the community, making deliveries to clients spread across town.

If you know you're the type who doesn't mind being away from the homestead for days at a time, OTR may be right for you. However, if you have a family you'd like to have dinner with each night, it might be better to apply for a local position.

Breaking into the trucking arena could open up so many opportunities. Let these tips be your guide and get started today.


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