Tips For Getting An Overweight Permit As A Trucker

Posted on: 21 December 2020

If you work as a full-time trucker, you may occasionally have to exceed set weight limits. Legally, you'll need to obtain an overweight permit. You can improve your odds of having a smoother process if you do these things.

Have Application Sent Online

You can sidestep a lot of problems early on by having the permit application sent directly to your email. This can be done within minutes, and as long as you give the correct email address, you can get in your permit paperwork in no time.

That is key if you have a tight deadline and may already be running behind schedule. Just make sure you're careful about filling out the application because you don't want to go too quick, make a mistake, and then have your permit denied. Then you would have to start everything all over.

Account For State Permit Variability 

Every state has didn't permit regulations for overweight limits for commercial trucks, and you need to know what they are if your haul will be taking place across multiple states. Then you won't have to worry about breaking regulations by abiding by one state's overweight limit regulations and not other state's regulations.

You'll want to account for the number of states your haul requires and then look up protocols in each area. If you have any questions about permit changes from state to state, get clarification so that you avoid getting into trouble and possibly receiving fines.

Follow Up With a Denial

Sometimes when you go to apply for an overweight permit, you don't always get approved right away. Don't give up or let this discourage you from obtaining this special type of permit. You just want to find out the reason why you were denied.

You may have entered in weight totals wrong or indicated wrong information regarding your particular rig. These are easy fixes, and you'll just need to follow up once again to ensure the permitting goes through a second time. And if you don't know why you were denied, the regulatory body in charge of approving these permits can provide a better explanation.

Truck driving can sometimes involve overweight hauls, and when they do, you need to secure a permit so that you're not doing anything illegal. Take your time finding out the rules regarding permits in the area you're traveling to, and then you'll have a smooth process to look forward to. 


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