Using A Broker To Keep Your Truck Moving

Posted on: 25 October 2019

Truck drivers that operate their own trucks have to work hard to find the frieght to haul and keep their runs profitable. Sometimes there just isn't enough work in one area for the driver to get the load he or she needs, but that is where a less-than-truckload broker comes in. 

Filling the Trailer

Semi-trucks make more money when the trailer they are hauling is full. Half a load on the trailer means spending money to haul around empty space that could be making more money for the driver. There are some ways to fill the trailer even if you are hauling for a small company that does not have enough product to fill the trailer.

Less-than-truckload freight is a term used to describe loads that are not large enough to fill an entire trailer but still need to get shipped. That empty space in the trailer can be used for a second small load. However, finding these less-than-truckload freight jobs is not always easy.

Using a Broker

For owner-operators, using a broker to line up the loads and find work is nothing new, There are, however, specialty brokers that work with less-than-truckload freight that you might want to talk to. These brokers find companies that have goods to ship in small amounts, then they coordinate the loads going to and from similar locations and broker the loads to a driver that has a trailer large enough to carry all of the goods. 

A good broker can keep a truck moving with a nearly full trailer all the time, but coordinating the loads to go the same place at the right time is hard, so finding a less-than-truckload broker that can do it well is critical. 

Local Loads

Sometimes finding loads close to home is tough, especially if you are trying to fill the trailer every day. These smaller loads that share the trailer space are sometimes a better fit for a driver that wants to work closer to home. Talk to your broker about the load options because they may need a driver that can haul multiple small shipments in the local area and not all drivers want to do that. 

These smaller loads may not pay as much, but being close to home may be enough of a benefit that it is worth the lower pay. Small local loads can mean having to unload freight yourself, but a few boxes or a couple pallets at a time is not bad, and a lot of drivers find that keeping the trailer full and working is that most important thing. 


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