4 Ways To Prepare For Being A Passengers On A Charter Helicopter

Posted on: 30 November 2018

If you are taking a charter helicopter flight from a company such as Helinet, there are a few things that you can do to protect your body and ensure your comfort and safety on your helicopter charter flight. 

#1 Avoid Drinking Before the Flight

Before you go on a flight, you want to avoid drinking certain types of beverages. Avoid drinking either caffeine or alcohol before the helicopter ride. Both of these substances can impact your body in different ways, and you want your body to be as neutral as possible before you get on a flight. Drinking caffeine actually dehydrates your body, and can lead to headaches and nausea — especially when on a flight. Drinking alcohol can make motion sickness worse, 

#2 Pack Your Own Snacks

Next, you are going to want to pack your own snacks for the flights. Charter helicopter flights are not like regular passenger flights. You are not going to be offered water or snacks for free or for purchase on the trip. If you know that you will need a snack, you should pack your own.

Bring a few bottles of water as well as some easy to eat snacks. You want to bring snacks that are easy, don't make a mess, and are not too smelly as you are going to be inside of a small space.

It is also a smart idea to bring along a zip-lock bag to put your trash in when you are done eating to avoid creating a mess in a small space. Check with the charter company to see if they provide any snacks or water on their helicopter charter flights. 

#3 Make Sure You Are Well Hydrated

You may want to drink a little water so you are not dehydrated, but don't go overboard. Small helicopters don't have bathrooms on board. Being well hydrated is one way to ensure that you don't experience blood clots during your flight as well. 

#4 Dress in Layers

Helicopters often feel too hot or too cold depending on the time of year when your flight is taking place. That is why it is best to dress in layers so that you can easily adjust your own body temperature for comfort during the flight.

#5 Keep Baggage to a Minimum

Finally, make sure that you keep your baggage to a minimum. There is not a lot of room for bags on a helicopter. Oftentimes, you are restricted to a small carry-on bag or suitcase — if you are allowed baggage at all — on a charter helicopter. Talk to the flight provider to see what type of baggage you are permitted to bring with you. 

Avoid alcohol and caffeine before the flight, but be sure to stay hydrated with water. See if you can bring snacks for yourself. Dress in layers to stay comfortable, and keep baggage to a minimum.


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