Getting A Bed Bound Person To And From The Hospital

Posted on: 20 August 2018

It is important for everyone to remain on top of their health, which includes going to the doctor's office for regular checkups. If you are a caretaker for a family member that is immobile, you know that it can be difficult to get them to and from medical appointments. Those who are medically bedridden for different reasons can also be the most susceptible to illnesses, which makes it even more important to go to the doctor. If the person cannot walk, it is harder to get to and from appointments. For a medically bedridden person, you will need to prepare and work with others in order to get people to medical appointments. Here are three ways to prepare to transport a bedridden person to and from the hospital. 

Call a non-emergency ambulance transport ahead of time

Few days ahead of the appointment, you should call a non-emergency ambulance transport company to help you get your loved one back and forth. Since the medical appointment isn't an emergency, it is best to arrange transportation ahead of time. A non-emergency ambulance will have all of the medical equipment that is inside an ambulance in order to transport the patient. Be sure that you give the team the medical information of the rider so they know if they need to have certain medical equipment or medicine on hand. 

Ask for stops on a long ride

If the patient is at risk for blood clots, it can be dangerous to transport them on a long ride straight through. Speak with the patient's medical doctor and ask them how long they recommend the patient riding inside of the ambulance at a time. Take breaks at the appropriate time and have the ambulance stop to allow the patient to stand up or do exercises to move their limbs. Movement can help discourage blood clots, so planning movement breaks on a long hospital ride can be crucial. 

Bring along entertainment

A person can easily become more stressed out when having to leave their bed and get into a vehicle if they are bedbound. It is also possible for the person to get upset by the thought of having to go to the doctor. This stress can increase blood pressure and overall wreak havoc on a person's body and test results. In order to keep your loved one calm, bring entertainment along with them to the hospital. A tablet with internet or with pre-downloaded shows or bringing along books and games can keep everyone stress free and make the ride fly by a little quicker. 


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