Custom Golf Carts For Senior Living Communities: Three Features To Consider

Posted on: 12 December 2017

Golf carts make a great addition to senior living communities, giving residents a convenient way to get around without having to walk. These carts can be customized to provide convenience, and even a little bit of fun, for the residents in your senior living community. If you are looking for custom golf carts, here are some features to consider integrated into the designs:

Extending Ramps

Ramps that extend outward when the golf cart is parked can be a great option for residents using walkers or wheelchairs. They provide an easy way to get in and out of the golf cart without having to climb in. The ramp should feature a non-skid surface, and it should retract when not in use so the golf cart can safely maneuver through the neighborhood. If your residents use wheelchairs, you may also want to add a rack to the back that can hold the wheelchairs while the cart is in motion. This will make it easy for each person to get back into their chair once the golf cart has stopped.

Extended Seating

Bring groups of residents to events in your community center with a golf cart featuring extended seating. While traditional designs seat three passengers and a driver, customized options can accommodate many more people. Work with your golf cart expert to determine safe weight limits and the maximum number of seats you can add while still being able to safely transport your residents. For these carts, consider having them painted with a custom design to signify they are for transporting groups, as this will leave the other carts in your fleet free for residents' personal use.

Pickup Truck-Style Designs

You may need to transport supplies, bags of groceries, or household maintenance items to homes in your senior living community, so you'll need a vehicle that can accommodate those items. Have a cart created with a pickup truck-style bed. This provides the space you need to carry items to homes for residents as well as to transport tools and supplies. Consider a design that features a backseat as well as a truck bed so you can drive residents and their belongings home together.

Hold a community meeting with your residents to see which features they would like to see in the custom carts. These features might include a few luxury options as well, such as heated leather seating or custom paint jobs. With the input of the residents, you can create functional and fun ways of getting around your senior living community.

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