Why Bus Travel Is Good For Your Health

Posted on: 4 February 2017

Buses can be very convenient and can also save money. However, one benefit that is often overlooked when riding on a bus is the effect that bus travel can have on an individual's health. By understanding the health benefits of buses, you can make a more informed decision regarding how you will plan to travel from place to place.

More Exercise

Bus travel requires that you be more active than if you were to simply get in your own car. You will likely have to spend more time walking than you would if you were driving. You are likely to walk from the station to various destinations. Also, you are likely to walk from your home to the station. The time that you spend walking will help protect you against cardiovascular disease, strokes, depression, and various cancers. Even though you will spend some time sitting on the bus, this is still healthier than spending a greater period of time sitting in your car. While the time spent walking to and from the bus is not enough to meet the minimum amount of walking a day that is recommended, it makes it easier to meet this minimum recommended amount by also exercising. Even if you skip a day of working out, the time walking to and from the bus will make up for this.

Less Stress

Traveling by bus is less stressful. When you are traveling by car, you have to worry about where you will park your car. You also have to worry about something happening to your car. Driving itself is stressful. Sitting in traffic can be bad for both your physical and mental health.

More Safety

You are much less likely to suffer from a serious injury if you are traveling on a bus. Despite not having seat belts, buses are actually safer to travel on than driving your own car. Given the size of the bus, those who are traveling on it are better protected than those traveling in a much smaller car. Areas where there is a lot of public transit also tend to be safer and have more security. 

If you need to travel to an airport, one option is to rely on an airport shuttle service. This will help reduce some of the stress that comes from air travel by allowing you to avoid having to worry about what you will do about your car. Contact a company like Rochester Shuttle Express to learn more.


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