Extend The Life Of Your Reproduced Stagecoach With Proper Care

Posted on: 16 December 2016

An authentic reproduced stagecoach can be a very significant investment; an investment that you want to protect. As an owner, you play the most powerful role in protecting your stagecoach. A lack of effort in this area will impact the look of your stagecoach and most importantly, how long it will last. Take the time to learn just how you should take care of it.

Choose The Right Storage Area

Ensure you are choosing an ideal place to store the stagecoach. The location you choose should be well ventilated, climate controlled, and not exposed to high levels of sunlight. A garage that meets these standards can serve as an ideal solution.

In terms of ventilation and climate-control, these characteristics help minimize the risk of excess moisture building up in the space in the form of humidity. For the wooden features of the stagecoach, humidity can cause warping and rotting and corrosion on the metal surfaces. In terms of restricted sunlight, high sun exposure can cause UV induced fading to all the painted surfaces.

Wash Routinely

Make it a point to wash the stagecoach after each use. When the stagecoach is out in the environment, dust, dirt, rain, air pollutants, and bird droppings can all make their way to the surface of the vehicle. Even in an ideal storage environment, these elements can cause damage to the stagecoach if they are allowed to rest on the surface for an extended period.

One of the more common concerns is etching. Etching is a process that basically eats away at the clear coat of paint. Once the underlayers are exposed, moisture can get inside and promote rusting and even cause further paint damage. Follow the care instructions to clean the vehicle before placing it in storage.

Move It Often

If you're like most owners, you probably only occasionally take the stagecoach out for use. If you fall within this category, you still want to make an effort to move it around occasionally. Performing this step can help keep the tires in better condition for a longer period of time.

When you fail to move the vehicle, the tires can develop flat spots. These flat spots cause an unevenness that will make for a very bumpy ride once you're inside the stagecoach. Simply moving the stagecoach around from time to time can help eliminate this concern.

Ensure you're making an effort to protect your stagecoach by following these and other care tips. For more information, contact local professionals like Arizona Stagecoach Manufacturing Co.


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