Taking Your First Private Jet Ride? Here Are Some Rules You Need To Know

Posted on: 23 November 2016

Whether you and some friends have decided to pool your money or you've been invited by a generous friend, riding on a private jet charter will be a trip of a lifetime. This comfortable way of flying presents plenty of perks, including a spacious cabin and high-end refreshments — not to mention an overall glamorous feeling. When it's your first time using this method of transportation, it's important that you make sure to behave properly. There are a number of unwritten rules regarding flying on a private jet; be respectful of them and you'll increase the probability of everyone in your group having a good time.

Don't Overdo The Drinking

With plenty of alcohol on board — and at no cost to you if you've been invited onto the jet — it may be tempting to overindulge. While there's nothing wrong with having a drink or two during the flight, especially if your host is also drinking, you don't want to overdo the drinking. Drinking too much can seem classless, giving the indicator that because you're not paying, you want to drink as much as possible. Additionally, if the private jet hits a patch of turbulence, you may become ill, which will quickly ruin everyone's trip.

Be Moderate With Your Luggage

In many cases, you'll be traveling on the private jet for just a short outing — perhaps to a different city for a night out on the town. It's important to limit your luggage. Just because you don't have to pay to check your luggage like you do with standard commercial flights doesn't mean you have an invitation to lug four suitcases onto the plane. Private jets can't carry as much luggage, so make sure to pack lightly. Besides, you don't want to be the one person in the group slowed town on the tarmac by excessive luggage.

Check If There's A Dress Code

When you travel by private jet, you're definitely entering into a classy world. This means that you should always check with your host or with the airline to see if there's a dress code in effect. You don't necessarily need to wear a suit, but you should typically keep your outfit within the business-casual realm. If you need relaxed clothing at your destination, pack it instead of wearing it. Even if other people in your group don't verify the dress code, you'll be seen as someone who is taking this experience seriously.

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